J.M. Weirauch Funeral Home Welcomes You


The Weirauch family is committed to your family's total care. Please stop by, call or e-mail our funeral home to have any questions answered regarding planning a funeral service in advance, funeral ceremonies in general, or to see a friendly face. Relating to the needs of area families takes a special kind of understanding; one which is nurtured over years of knowing what is most important. At J. M. Weirauch Funeral Home, our understanding of family care comes from three generations working together, growing up with our community, and responding to each family's needs as if they were our own. We are committed to total care, from our family to yours.


• We offer advanced funeral planning and services.
• We maintain a compassionate, full-time licensed staff available 24 hours.
• We are constantly improving our facilities for increased family comfort.
• We serve all religions and lifestyles.